Endings, 2008
single channel and/or video object
1st Kraft prize WPA festival, Washington DC, 2012

Endings, a single channel remix video of cycling ‘The End’ credits, was made at the beginning of the 2008 economic crash as a response to an end or beginning of an era. The video was intended to be viewed as an endless loop or at the beginning of film screenings to punctuate the message of ending an ultra-capitalist world marked by over-consumption.

Layered underneath ‘The End’ credits is a subliminal message to end the inferior role of women that becomes more visible at the last shot of the three minutes.  Archival footage of a 1950’s commercial of women marching militantly toward the camera with shopping carts is mixed in between ‘The End’ credits. On one hand only traditional women in skirts drive the grocery shopping cart. On the other hand they are depicted as soldiers ready to attack using their carts rather than guns as a weapon upon the viewer. Women are depicted as powerful and even a threat by their  control over household consumption. Although this narrative differs from women as sexual objects, they are still not depicted as respectable intelligent beings. Similar to how the ‘father of marketing’ Edward Bernays used models and movie stars to sell cigarettes at the Easter Sunday parade in New York in 1929, the end goal of the commercial was not to empower women, but to expand their marketing campaign to manipulate all genders.

With unlimited access to content via the web, ‘Endings’ comments on our sense of time as an eternal loop. Cartesian linear time is irrelevant in non-linear experiences.  This video adopts the approach of appropriating, sampling, remixing as an artistic process.

2008, La Générale, Visionsonic, Sevres, France
2009, 59 Rivoli Aftersquat, Paris, France
2010, VAD New Media Found Footage Festival, Cologne, Germany
2011, Dumbo Video Arts Festival, Brooklyn, New York
2011, Experimental Media Center, Washington DC
2011, Virgina Center of the Arts
2012, Galerie Satellite, Paris France
2013, Analix Forever, ‘Video Baroque’, Paris France
2013, ‘Very First Year’, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
2013, Cologne International Videoart Festival, Contemporary Arts Center, Tbilisi, Georgia
2013, Ares Film & Media Festival, Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art Syracuse, Italy
2013, ‘CrisisRUs’, Vision-R Festival, La Générateur, Gentilly, France
2015, ‘Doom and Gloom’, Harvestworks, NYC